Carolyn Wiseman

Wellness Advocate


A jewel within a teardrop…

Recently I have shed many tears as I faced some anxiety over life changes that have hit my heart in many ways. Through all that I have been pondering the beauty of tears… here’s what I found out about my experience.

Tears are where you will find your jewels of beauty, wear your jewels it’s ok.

Tears can be a release of pain and a renewing of soul,

Tears can be from sadness and transform into joy,

Tears are your souls’ way of letting you know it is there,

Tears are magical in that moment of release and transformation.

Tears do not mean you are weak, in fact, you are strong enough to let them go.

Tears wash your heart of any hardness and allow it to heal, to move on.

Tears are common to every human and every soul.

Tears mean your feelings matter.

Tears mean you matter.

Tears are not gender biased.

Tears are an appreciation whether from frustration, anger or hurt. Or from happiness or love.

Tears allow you to reconnect with your soul, your spirit and show up there.

Next time I see someone in tears I will hug them so hard and shower them with love.

Next time I shed a tear I will shower my soul with love. 💙