Carolyn Wiseman

Wellness Advocate


My heart hurt so badly with regret, so I flipped it…

Have you ever made a mistake? Come on fess up! We all have. You know those mistakes you make though when your heartaches with regret, so badly it physically feels like pain. And with that regret, you feel you can’t move forward.

And then comes the bashing of self-voice that sits on your shoulder and says, “why the heck did you do that” and this goes on and on. Over and over. You feel sick in the pit of your stomach. It holds you back from being present. It holds you captive in self-pity and playing small. That’s your ego having it says.

Making mistakes doesn’t mean you will avoid that again either. Sometimes we need to learn it the hard way. I’ve made mistakes multiple times over.

And I’ve berated myself relentlessly. My ego fought with me to remind me of what I screwed up!

What makes mistakes could also mean though is that you learn so much that a bigger mistake is avoided in the future.

Like dodging a ball to dodging a life-threatening avalanche. You wouldn’t put your hand in a fire as a kid and not learn that there is danger in repeating that.

Big or small though it doesn’t matter the size of the mistake you just beat yourself up to sheer misery…and your heart hurts intensely. Don’t you love how your ego just doesn’t give up? Mine is a stubborn cow at times I tell ya!


Here’s what is going on.

When you make a mistake or feel regret you are paying a price right there. Yep, a price! You know that already…nothing new here you are in fricken pain.

BUT You have an emotional realization that is invaluable to creating who you are. Life isn’t what you get it’s who you become. Those moments of drastic suffering and pain turn into drastic changes and become moments of significant growth. And THIS is the sweet spot. You are paying a “change” taxa a price we pay for the person we are about to become. Isn’t that awesome? Sit with that for a moment.

That price you have paid is an opportunity to flip your pain and suffering into growth. You have paid the price to grow into wisdom. You have invested in you. Now take your heart and breathe deeply into your present moment. FLIP IT…

Become the change you want to see in you. 💙💙💙

It all starts there.