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Spring Cleaning E-book

Caz Wiseman Wellness Advocate Caz Wiseman Wellness Advocate It is Time to Clean Your Home, Life, and Health With Toxin-Free Products! I’ve noticed a growing trend which creates immense excitement for me as the outcome will be a world filled with people who are...

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Health and Wellness Resource Guide

Many health enthusiasts are looking for ways to gain the EDGE. They want to create diversity in their exercise routines, recover faster, see more results, and are always looking for products that will support overall wellbeing.

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Chakra Balancing

I must confess here that a little while ago I wasn’t too sure about Chakras and how that all worked with our bodies. After having completed my holistic health coaching course in the States I came a way with a whole new perspective on how important Chakras are in our overall wellbeing.

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