Would you like to be more happy, connected and empowered?
Who wouldn’t right?

As we are created to function as a whole – body, mind and spirit our emotional health is inseparably connected and is communicated at the cellular level.

Emotions are processed throughout the body. Science reveals there are complex neural processing functions in the mind, heart and gut.

The mind is like a conductor directing the body to feel emotionally and behave physically. The heart discerns the messages our brain receives. The gut responds accordingly, distributing health or illness to the rest of our body.

Emotions and Essential oils interact chemically.
Because both are chemically based a powerful reaction occurs as the oils make contact with the body. Many oils have different uses and applications. Anchoring in healthy biochemistry.

Essential oils are dynamic supporting your body physically and emotionally.
Applying topically, using aromatically and even internally can provide an anchor for physical and emotional health.

I am living proof on how essential oils have helped and supported me throughout my oily living lifestyle. So much so that I have been able to share with others the protocols for many physical challenges that often arise from the emotional place.

Please enjoy my special report here and choose essential oils as your emotional anchor.

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