In this world of man made everything it’s so refreshing when you find some real back to nature life hacks.

When we think about the last 100 years or so the world has changed in how we treat our health and our health care overall.

Whilst I have a huge respect for modern day medicine, I find so much reward when I hear a mum say to me these oils really worked and I was able to help my kids within minutes. It encourages me to dig deeper and continue to open doors for others to enter in should they choose.

This healthy lifestyle for me has grown into sharing with everyone the benefits of working with our natural bodies – after all you either feed your natural body with nutrient and goodness to help it maintain, restore or repair OR you take into your natural body things that may create a fight within your body. Unknowingly we consume so many chemicals, toxins, synthetics and pesticides. When we are young these things may not have much of an effect, or even on any single day but as we age, or continue to consume they are released under stress or environmental conditions and our body becomes dis-eased or sick. Our body does not align with foreign non-natural substances and yet we seem to think we can continue this path.

At some point we have to think. We have to stop and turn. Turn the tide and take care – naturally.

We need to plant more seeds, nurture more love, grow more resilience in our kids and build their health. Eat real food, wholefoods, less processed, drink water not soda, exercise more sit less and so on.

Information about Top Ten essential oils for family health can be found below.

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