Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to access dōterra essential oils? Well stop wondering and take note!

The smartest and most popular way to go is to have your own wholesale account – yep that’s it.

Become a wholesale customer and simply enjoy discounted prices and a tonne of great benefits and even some free stuff.

Check out our Starter Kits to give you FREE membership (save $35 and you save more than 25% off retail and the kits are cheaper than even the wholesale prices)

Now you’re thinking! Yay!

Ok so you would like start your wellness journey with a couple of oil / products from dōterra – that’s totally awesome.

Here’s a retail way to go

BUT did you know you can save 25% by becoming a wholesale customer like over 6 million others have done. There is no obligation other than to enjoy discounted prices (a little bit like a Costco account)

Check out wholesale kits as you get your membership free (normally $35). Kits are great as they give you the most popular oils ready to use at home. You save not only the membership but the kits are cheaper than the wholesale prices too. These are the absolute best value way to go. Smart thinking right there!

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