[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]Getting started with a kit is a great way to start your essential life journey. Even better is that doTERRA absorb the wholesale account fee of $35 and provide greater savings than purchasing the oils individually. They have also taken the guess work out of wondering which oils to order by putting together a collection of really useful oils that you’ll use again and again.
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Essential Collection Kit $174 (plus P&H)-save over $50
This is a great introductory kit of 10 x 5ml (mini) bottles of oils and 1 x 15ml (full size) bottle. There is a lot you can do with this kit, click below to find out more about our oils and blends. fp kit

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Home Essentials Kit $330 (plus P&H)- save over $120
I absolutely love this kit as you receive the same oils as the Essential Collection but 3 times the volume of oil as the bottles are larger (except for Ice Blue) And you also receive a lovely petal diffuser so you can enjoy the aromatic benefits right away and so too can your family or those around you. This kit has inbuilt savings and value. If you add in a Fractionated coconut oil to the kit you can begin using the oils safely on your skin or create blends. The coconut oil is a carrier that is easily absorbed by the body, hydrating and providing nourishment. This kit meets a lot of our family needs and helps to support overall health, immunity building, relaxation and peace. In conjunction with the loyalty program you can then month by month and bit by bit replenish your oils and add new oils and products to your home supply. This was one of the first kits I chose. home essentials

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Nature’s Solutions Kit $635 (plus P&H) plus 100 product credits
This is a new and wonderful kit because it covers every base of your home’s wellness! Whether you’re looking to support your immune system, your sleep or hormones – this kit has the most popular oils + products. Along with the Top 10 Oils, you’ll get 8 other oils/blends, the Ice Blue Rub, a Petel 1/2/4-hour diffuser, 2 of my fave On Guard products – the foaming handwash (with no icky triclosan) and the toothpaste with a beautiful timber box. Seriously – every product in this kit is phenomenal! This kit also allows you to fast track in the Loyalty Rewards system to start at 15% back in free product vs. 10%. What’s not to love about this kit. nature's solution nature's kit

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Oil Sharing Kit $1390 (plus P&H) PLUS 200 product credits
So…you want to start off being able to share with up to 3 of the top 20 essential oils + blends, a fractionated coconut oil and our fave petal diffuser? This is your kit!. Multiples of our favourite single oils + blends at your fingertips! You will also fast track to begin at the 20% rewards earnings rate if you choose to place monthly orders. This is also the preferred kit for those wishing to build their own doterra wellness business and includes personal mentoring with me. You will have lots of vials to build your own experiences and create samples for others to start their journey too. oil sharing oil kit

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