Caz Wiseman
Wellness Advocate
Caz Wiseman
Wellness Advocate

Loyalty & Shipping Rewards Program

The best value offered by doTERRA is when you activate your free Loyalty Rewards Program as part of your wholesale membership. With this monthly purchase program, doTERRA rewards you for your commitment to their products by providing incredible additional benefits. This is an optional program and is the most intelligent way to re-order.

Starting at 10%, and going up to a very generous 30%, doTERRA lets you earn product credits on your purchases.

Also by placing your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totalling 125PV or more, shipped before the 15th of the month you get a free oil, called the Product of the Month or POM. This oil varies each month and it is a terrific way to help you build up your oil collection. Who doesn’t love free stuff or surprises.

PV – what is that?
doTERRA place a point value or PV on every product, to provide a way of recognising globally commission structures and product promotions.

Loyalty Rewards Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program also gives you the ability to earn bonuses and income that can help you pay for your oils, or add to or replace your income (if you wish).

The choice is entirely up to you. I would be honoured to show you how you can do this; I have empowered many people to realise their dreams in many ways small or large.

Terms and conditions apply – check it out here.

Shipping Rewards

Shipping Rewards points are great as each time you complete an auto ship you receive points for the shipping cost dollar for dollar – eg if shipping is $10 then you get 10 points. For those months where you may only need a couple of items you still get rewarded for shipping them.

It’s almost like prepaying for your freebies. YAY! More to love about your wholesale account and I don’t know of any other program or account that offers this.

In fact I think this is absolute nuts and if I was a squirrell I would think I was in nut heaven with this news.

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