Hey gorgeous! It’s wonderful to have you here!

My name is Carolyn and I’m a mum of an amazing son and on a mission to teach and encourage others about being healthy, happy and thriving with life. What I share is a way to live every day nourished and vibrant in your own health. I believe we create our lives to be what they are so why not make choices that serve us in true health and happiness.

As a mum, and Platinum Leader in dōTERRA, I am very passionate about aromatherapy, fitness and nutrition. I totally love engaging with likeminded people from all areas of life – encouraging and leading the way to a wonderful vibrant way of life. Whether physically, spiritually or emotionally I absolutely believe that as mums we can have choices and be empowered to be the best versions of us. True to our inner values and strengths. True to who we really are.

Having a background in Business Banking and Finance has enabled me to see the value of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. I have recently become certified as a Holistic Health Coach and with dōterra becoming an amazing financial vehicle I have successfully found a life balance – all supported by my favourite interests – health of the body, mind and spirit. What a combo!

As a later in life mum – my passion for health began as I realised the need to be on top of my game – for my son’s sake and mine. He keeps me on my toes and being able to share with other parents the tips and tricks to staying vibrant and healthy is now my lifelong purpose. I just love it!

My mission in this life is to play an integral role in the global shift towards true health and wellness. How would you like to become nourished and have your physical, emotional and spiritual health balanced or more so at its absolute best? This can be so easily achieved through self-care and proactive decisions about your health. I would love to hear from you if this resonates as I know everyone can benefit from what I share.

I would love to hear from you if you are proactive with your health, love to be empowered by choice and seek to improve on what you are doing now. You will thank yourself for making this choice.


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