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Carolyn Wiseman

My name is Carolyn and I’m a mum of an amazing son – Kynon. My son is my anchor and my underlying reason I am here. As a mum who gave birth at nearly 41 it was clear that I needed to be on top of my game of life, healthy and active.

As an entrepreneur and Diamond Leader in dōTERRA, I am on a mission to teach and encourage others about being healthy, happy and thriving with life. What I share is from my heart and soul and a way to live every day nourished and vibrant in your own health. I believe we create our lives to be what they are, so why not make choices that serve us in true health and happiness right?

As a mum and a woman, I am very passionate about emotional health, aromatherapy, fitness and nutrition. I totally love engaging with like-minded people from all areas of life – encouraging and leading the way to a wonderfully vibrant way of life. Whether emotionally, physically or spiritually I absolutely believe that as mums, women and men we can have choices and be empowered to be the best versions of us. True to our inner values and strengths. True to who we really are.

Having a background in Business Banking and Finance has enabled me to see the value of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner. Changing my life to become a certified Holistic Health Coach, Empath Therapist and with dōterra as an amazing financial vehicle I have successfully found a life balance – all supported by my favorite interests – health of the body, mind and spirit. What a combo!

Why I Choose Doterra

Do you mind if I share why I do this? Why I share with passion about essential oils and doterra? To share my story with you means I am trusting you with my vulnerability (which actually freaks me out a bit so thank you for hanging in with me) as I have to go there to share my truth, and my soul’s search for freedom.

When I was a little girl, we didn’t have much money, in fact we were really poor. This played out in things like charity hampers, second-hand clothing, no sports or extra activities, no school excursions – limited medical help and a divorced broken family with a broken spirit. Around this same time there were some grown men in my world that stole my dignity, stole my innocence and I was a little girl that endured things a little girl should not have had to. By the age of 10, I had basically been through some fairly crappy stuff but knew nothing else existed. My world had become quite dysfunctional and I felt like I had no voice and that somehow that little girl had been taken away. I felt like I had broken wings. Over time this cost me a tonne of self esteem, a tonne of resisting my femininity and a bucket load of anxiety and emotional highs and lows. To the point that I held back on being a mum. Seriously I struggled with whether I could be a good enough mother, let alone support a child or the big one for me “how could I protect a child from all that?” I questioned my whole feminine calling and really believed I would suck at being a mother. This is a picture of a little girl lost in a world of shame, hurt and repressing her soul’s inner need to speak up, and just be a girl or woman who matters.

In short, I am not telling you this for pity, I just want to tell you my story so that you can see the difference, and know that I didn’t let those things rob me of life, joy, or peace. My past has not defined who I am. My soul is now free to speak out and I have become courage, strength and resilience. I am now a mum that has endured, a mum who does life and I have a wonderfully grounded little human being – My son Kynon.

What I did hold onto as a 10 year old was a dream. I had a vision that one day I would rise above it all. I had a vision that I would become something other than that little girl who didn’t matter or one who had broken wings. I clung to the idea that one day my soul would open and be free of the emotional pain.

I share my soul’s truth to inspire anyone who may have had a challenging past so that you can see that you can choose to change. I share this to offer hope and shine a light – a brilliant light straight into your heart. I share this to help other children who may be numbed emotionally or to help other mums and dads who have been there too. I know now my purpose is to uplift, encourage and engage with you – from my soul to yours.

In 2013 dōTERRA came into my world with one essential oil called Frankincense. Just one little bottle of oil. One beautiful scent that held me captive and it alone opened my heart. It really cracked me wide open. Really open. It gave me a spiritual connection and my earthbound journey was changed forever. It made me revisit my childhood pain and deal with the truth for healing and empowerment. It was so empowering to set free from my past of hurt. Have you heard the expression “Let that shit go?”

Well that’s what I have done.

When I used this oil I knew there was something very special. I knew that there was something more to doterra. Now that one little bottle has literally changed my life. I could say it sat me on my butt and offered me hope when previously there seemed very little. It took that little girl with all the broken bits and opened up a chance to live a dream. A chance to release the past and create a life of abundance and freedom. It has also given me, as a mum, a way to help others. I am now a freaking amazing mum, a woman who matters and who belongs to a community of higher good.

During these recent years, my lifestyle has significantly changed and my purpose is now aligned to who I really am. I have been able to swap out my soul-sapping corporate banking career for a service of helping others. Daily I tune in to what serves my soul so I can be a light. This gives me great joy and in that, I find others who see a way for themselves. I find other women, mums and dads who are looking for choices. Who are hungry for change and want to create something for themselves and their families.

I would love to hear from you if you are one of these people – hungry for something more. If you ache with desire to be proactive with your health, love to be empowered by choice and seek to improve on what you are doing now. Why leave your life to chance? It does not matter where you are from, what your background is or who you are. If you are seeking then why not you? Why not step into your truth and make a difference with me. You can and we can. The Doterra culture became a beacon for me as it comes from the heart. Through Doterra I have seen families lives change, communities change, attitudes change and I now serve from my heart with passion and truth.

Ask yourself – What is your passion?

What is your purpose?

What if just one thing could make a difference? What if this is it?

Light your heart with joy and take a step toward your dreams. You will thank yourself for making this choice.

Contact me personally as I am here for you – what do you have to lose?

Set your soul on fire and join with me!

Caz xoxo


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