This workshop is a great eye opener. If you are a busy parent, love the idea of natural alternatives and find your family often on the health roundabout that seems to be endless sickness and countless costs then this workshop is a must. Think about whether you or your kid/s experience any or some of the following and we will show you how using pure therapeutic essential oils can be a game changer, safely and effectively:

  • Have kid/s with anxious feelings.
  • Need Immune and respiratory support
  • Kids won’t SLEEEEEEEEEP!
  • Head-lice – oh no not again!
  • Perpetual skin issues – easy owie blends
  • Seeking calm and relaxation
  • Need to know how to support growing bodies
  • Repelling bugs (internal and external) naturally
  • Soothing sore tummies
  • Teething and gum health.
  • Focus in class
  • Meet the ‘Tantrum Tamer’

Making the change from synthetic to plant based solutions is relatively simple and can be significant in regard to health and happiness benefits. This workshop will leave you empowered and taking control of your family health care.

You will take home easy to use resources, a dilution chart for safe application and a proactive approach to your family’s health and well being. Anyone can attend from beginners or those wanting to know more.

We will cover:

  • What are essential oils.
    Ok so how do we use these with our kids – what’s the safety test?
    How do we apply them? Which oils and when?
  • What are safe dilutions? This includes, babies, toddlers, children and even pregnant mummas.
  • How to create a blend and know a single oil from blend?
  • How to support your kids emotionally by understanding aromatics and the brain relationship.
  • What are the best oils and where to source them?
  • How you can create an income from sharing this information?

And yes the rumours are true – these oils are incredibly fast and effective so now is the time to try them for yourself and learn exactly how to use them.