Carolyn Wiseman

Wellness Advocate


It’s raining this morning and I’m just loving every drop, the sound of every drop on my tin roof, at times fast and at times slow, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. The very essence of the rain is comforting. I think of every cloud that releases every drop, and then the soaking of the earth that follows. The rain has no expectation of the earth. It just flows and gives. Without it, the earth shrivels and becomes barren. The rain comes from pressure build-up from the earth, but its purpose is to renew, cleanse, soak and nourish.

It reminds me of the soaking of the soul that comes with unconditional love. On the surface, we could say unconditional love is about being loved or loving another without conditions. This is true. It’s a cloud of love.

To me, it runs deeper than that though and I feel it comes from empathy and understanding the pressures of life inside someone’s soul. It’s about the very essence of each moment of love, the very essence of the ebb and flow of love, it’s about the integrity of the heart that understands with compassion that essence and nourishes another’s heart without expectation of return.

That to me is true unconditional love. Without unconditional love, our soul could shrivel and become barren.

For the receiver of unconditional love, it’s about placing your heart in the hands of another in full trust without fear. It’s about soaking your soul with the drops of love and being open to receiving. It’s a soul soaking experience with renewal and cleansing.

For the giver, it’s a gift that you are freely offering with joy and kindness. We are endowed with the gift of love to give away not keep it. At times with courage, authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion. At all times a priceless gift. One that nourishes another soul.

Sometimes we can block the receiving of love because we have been hurt, sometimes we can block the giving of love because we have been hurt.

I think the opposite of unconditional love has to be fear. When we live in fear we limit the giving and receiving of the essence of love.

Imagine if we could allow our drops of fear to fall to the ground with the rain, literally water the ground with our fear and acknowledge it for what it is, let it go with the storm. Let that fear wash away to be cleansed and save your heart from becoming barren. Fear could limit your soul from its true nature.

Can you then imagine how your heart could just simply be open to the sunshine that follows? Open to renewal and beyond glorious when the rain clears.

Oh, bring on the rain! And please let me go jump in the puddles