As a mum, Holistic Health Coach, and Founder of Savvy Soulistic Academy, I am energetic and passionate about helping men and women reconnect following burnout, stress, anxiety, overwhelm or depression, or simply those seeking to transform their soul. Coming from a corporate background I know full well what it looks and feels like to literally hit a wall and feel like there is no clarity or way forward.

I fully believe that to heal we first need to learn how to deeply feel – particularly creating self-awareness and shifting focus from being in the subconscious to the conscious.

By adopting a strategy of using small actions or steps I encourage profound change and transformation.

My coaching can be intuitive at times and is also supported by “Soulistics” – a combination of Holistic Health and Soulful¬† resources and modalities.


Embrace the life that is calling you!

You are here because your soul led you to this path. Whether you have come because of challenging circumstances or you just want to grow and develop your soul discovery in a deeper way then you are in the right place. With our courses some come with the need for emotional healing and the need to be seen and heard. The need to find a purpose and truth. Our belief is to heal an adult we must first heal the child. If you truly want to heal you must first learn to feel. Really feel. This takes courage, and at times opens up a whole world of vulnerability for some. This can be uncomfortable and emotional. It may not be for some, it may for others.

In doing the inner work we can find ways to release pain, remove limits and socialised boundaries that no longer serve us, and relearn a fresh emotional home.

Sometimes we need to unlearn what we have learnt in our past to truthfully go forward into our future. During our time it would be beneficial to be prepared to be open and willing to re-discover your soul.

This is where your answers really lie – within your soul.